About AgileCore Limited

AgileCore endeavors to be a gamechanger with its unique set of technologies that speed up the creation of simple web sites and landing pages. It aims at moving out the point when you need technical specialists to maintain your web presence so you can focus on your content and what is unique about your web site or business idea.

AgileCore is not a content management system. It's not just a landing page builder either (although you could use it for that, too). AgileCore allows you to build your web site from standard components, all wired up for analytic data (including in-page analytics) and capabile for A/B or multi-variate testing.

Standard components include sign-up forms, integration with social networks, media components (images, audio, video) as well as all the standard components like buttons, labels, text blocks and more. AgileCore is built for the cloud and runs in the cloud and it also supports mobile devices.

AgileCore Limited was founded in November 2012 and is a joint venture of Agile Utilities and the eCentre. Agile Utilities is a company specializing in products and services for agile teams and lean startups. eCentre is the business innovation centre of Massey University in Auckland, New Zealand, focusing on taking entrepreneurs from "Garage to Global".